Buyers Advocate Melbourne

Got FOMO in this hot market?

We can attend an auction for you or negotiate a purchase on your behalf from as little as $550.

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Buyers Advocate Melbourne

You bring the property, we'll bring the keys

Bidding Buddy

We’ll bid for you at a public auction, using our years of experience to get the best outcome.

Purchase Pal

We’ll negotiate on your behalf on a private sale, getting you the best deal.

Buyers Advocate Melbourne

We'll bring the property, and the keys

Property Partner

We source properties that match your brief, inspect and shortlist, then negotiate to secure the property.


We offer everything included in Property Partner, AND we discount our standard rate to make it easier for you to get into the market.

Buying, selling or investing? We’re committed to getting you the best results.

Bidding Buddy & Purchase Pal Experience


We meet

We meet, to hear all about the property you’ve decided on. We want to know what, where, why and most importantly- how much you’re prepared to spend to secure the property.

We agree

We all agree the buying strategy and the buying range including your price ceiling.

We do the deal!

By putting your deal in our hands you can depend upon your price range being adhered to and the property you desire being acquired.

Don’t pay 2% of the purchase price of a home

We’ll find you the house and bring you the keys from $3,300 incl of GST with our Property Partner Service. For first home buyers, we even offer an additional discount to help you get into your first home.

Property Partner & FHB-BFF Experience


We listen

We meet, to talk and, more importantly, to listen. We want to know the answers to all the what, where, why and how much questions! Once we understand, we take the next step for you.

We look

Equipped with your input we undertake a comprehensive search for properties that best fit your parameters. We survey the market and we also tap into the ‘off market’ properties to find the most appropriate selection.

We all learn

By personally inspecting and assessing a range of properties and monitoring the market, we create a profile for each address that allows us to form a shortlist, always with your preferences, aims and ambitions in mind.

We all discuss

We then carefully, critically examine the list of properties we suggest with you in order to refine it and to agree upon the strategies that are most likely to succeed.

You decide

Once you’re happy that we have the right place in mind, we complete a thorough exercise in due diligence to enable us to decide upon a realistic buying price range.

We do the deal!

By putting your deal in our hands you can depend upon your price range being adhered to and the property you desire being acquired.

What's included?

Do you need a buyer’s agent in Melbourne?

A buyer’s agent can be indispensable when you are navigating the process of purchasing a home. They work for you, and only you – the property purchaser. Though licensed real estate agents, they work independently of any real estate agency or seller and represent you and your interests to deliver the very best outcomes on your behalf. 

With outstanding industry connections and insight, buyer’s agents work with you to help you identify, locate, bid for, negotiate, and purchase the right property for your needs – in the right place, at the right time, with the right terms, and for the right price. 

1300MyAdvocate is a superior buyer’s agent in Melbourne. We have an unrivalled team of professional property advisors who will help take the stress and hassle out of purchasing a property. Working at all times with integrity and open, clear communication channels, as well as very fair pricing, we offer personalised buyer advocacy services that include but are not limited to:

  • Sourcing properties to match your criteria
  • Conducting inspections
  • Shortlisting
  • Bidding at auction
  • Negotiating private sales
  • And more

We work with everyone from local first home buyers to upsizers, downsizers, regional buyers, interstate relocators, ex-pats – if you are seeking to buy a home, our Melbourne buyer’s agent is here to help!

Contact us now to have a chat about how partnering with us can help you.