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Investment Integrator

We provide you with a detailed property investment report which is a deep dive into the opportunities that exist across Australia and properties that align with your plan .

We source properties that match your brief, Inspect and shortlist, then negotiate to secure the property.

Fair Fixed Fees (including GST)

  • Initial engagement fee of $5,500 gets us going​​
  • 50% off subsequent purchases within the next 12 months

We can also connect you with

  • Our financial planning partner to develop your personalised wealth creation plan​
  • ​Our mortgage broker partner to advise on and arrange the best finance for purchase ​
  • ​Our property management partner to arrange discounted property management services

Buying, selling or investing? We’re committed to getting you the best results.

Investment Integrator Experience


We listen

We meet, to talk and, more importantly, to listen. We want to know the answers to all the what, where, why and how much questions! Once we understand, we take the next step for you.

We plan strategically

We source a strategic investment report showing opportunities in discretionary and aspirational locations of investment grade properties.

We look

We undertake a comprehensive search for properties that best fit. We survey the market and we also tap into the ‘off market’ properties to find the most appropriate selection.

We all learn

Inspecting and assessing a range of properties and monitoring the market, we create a profile for each address that allows us to form a shortlist, always with your strategic plan in mind.

We all discuss

We then carefully, critically examine the list of properties we suggest with you in order to refine it and to agree upon the strategies that are most likely to succeed.

You decide

Once you’re happy that we have the right place in mind, we complete a thorough exercise in due diligence to enable us to decide upon a realistic buying price range.

We do the deal!

By putting your deal in our hands you can depend upon your price range being adhered to and the property you desire being acquired.

And then...

When it’s the right time - we rinse and repeat for your next investment property!

What's included?

  • Strategic Conversation
  • Strategic Investment Report
  • Custom Brief
  • Property Search
  • Due Diligence
  • Negotiate / Bid
  • Post Purchase Activities
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Are you planning to invest in property? Or already a property investor?

Property investment is growing in popularity as a means of building wealth for the future. But did you know that most property investors do not achieve their goals for ultimate financial freedom?

1300MyAdvocate can help when you need property investment advice in Melbourne!

A property investment advisor is a licensed professional who helps property investors manage their assets. They also scour the current market to source the best available properties for sale to meet your criteria and offer unbiased, independent advice so that purchase decisions are informed and measured. 

At 1300MyAdvocate we offer outstanding property investment advisory services in Melbourne. Also referred to as “property strategists”, property investment advisors help you grow and protect your wealth through investment in real estate. When managed right (which is what we help with), you can sooner achieve your goals, whether that means financial freedom, working less, or leaving a stronger financial legacy for your family.

We are here to:

  • Understand your property investment goals
  • Simplify the complexities of buying and selling investment property
  • Provide clarity about processes, risks and rewards
  • Help you locate and identify the right investments
  • Develop and nurture long-term relationships
  • Achieve success for you through proven strategies
  • Advocate on your behalf

We work with:

  • First-time investors
  • Rent-vestors
  • SMSF Investors
  • Multi-Portfolio Investors
  • Regional Investors

For transparent, price-competitive, experienced, and trustworthy property investment advisors in Melbourne, look no further than 1300MyAdvocate! 

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