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There’s no denying that moving home is stressful.

Boxes disappear inside the removal truck at one end and reappear at the other in random locations around your new house. The anxiety of not being able to find anything can be amplified by screaming children wanting their toys or something to eat.

So, if you’re juggling kids, pets – or worse, both! – here’s a handful of strategies to help make the move so much easier for everyone. Especially you.

Use packing specialists who know exactly how and what to pack in each box. They’ll be at the other end to unpack and put everything where you want it. They’ll manage the removalists, too.

Don’t pack items yourself. This way you’ll keep your time free for the kids. Also, if you employ a single removalist for the entire operation, their insurance will not cover breakages of items you have packed.

Make sure the boxes clearly labelled. The kids’ boxes should have their favourite toys at the top. That way, you can keep them amused on arrival with minimum distraction.

Consider using an app called Moving Day, which prints bar codes for each box. Scan them with your mobile phone and it’ll tell you what’s in the box. Neat, hey!

Find time to take the kids to a new café or playground so they get used to the idea of their new home in a relaxing, fun atmosphere.

Keep pet bowls handy for food and water. If you have dogs, make sure you can find their lead to take them for a walk.

Reconnoiter the local area for easy dog walks in advance of moving day. A walk will ease their anxiety and confusion about moving to a new home and give you a chance to get away for a short period.

If you have anxious pets, seek out pheromone scent diffusers from your vet. These give off pheromones designed to calm animals.

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